20 September 2012

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Occasion or Vocation ... Thank You For Building With Us, Who We Are Today.
Feliz Anniversario, Casa Colibrí!
     Our community celebrated the 6th year of Casa Colibrí’s founding this week.  Throughout the years, we have established fulfilling relationships with many people in our region and chose to commemorate their participation in our growth with a variety of revelries.  We are proud to be a part of this Catholic Worker effort, begun by Manuel and Jorge six years ago.
     Our English students enjoyed a special class with participation from each of our house members, and shared a meal with us while watching a video presentation of some of our experiences in their hometown.  They took pleasure in getting to know each of us a little better, and were keen to participate in a tour of our garden led by Chris.
     The niños helped us construct a piñata and had a radical time destroying it, after an afternoon of games and cake.  They also had the opportunity to plant cilantro seeds, and are anticipating watching them grow in our garden.  A few of them are showing interest in our huerta, and stop by to help us in our farming efforts.  We love facilitating a child’s curiosity and sharing the joy of working the land, while teaching skills along the way.
     We hold a mass once a month for our community and friends in neighboring towns and cities.  This month we upped the revelry to include 50 guests, led by Gustavo, Father Mario and Brother Justino.  We had a perfectly lovely mass, accompanied by the musical complements of house member Salvador and local friend Concha, as well as Chava from Guadalajara on the classical guitar.  It was glorious to see all of our friends from different walks enjoying eachother, and sharing a fantastic meal of pozole, tacos, beans, tostadas, and pastels.  Concha and Salvador regaled us with their singing until late in the evening, and we all parted full, joyful and extremely content.
     And it’s been a busy month!  Aside from our normal tasks, and the celebrations, we have been preparing for our upcoming fundraisers.  Manuel and Lida will be visiting the states for a month and would love to see you!  Kindly bring your bodacious faces to the LA Catholic Worker house on Sunday, the 14th of October, and catch up with us in person.  We are also planning gatherings in San Francisco and New York; we’ll provide more information when we have dates.  We are excited to share with you our newest videos and artwork, and give an in-person view of what we’re really about.  Our energy is infectious, as indicated by the community’s growth – we’ve just been joined by Salvador from Guadalajara and Lida from Los Angeles, and we recently welcomed back Savannah from Florida and Chris from Los Angeles.   We look forward to seeing you and wish you all good health and peace of mind.  Adios!
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