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Dependemos de las oraciones y el apoyo moral de familiares y amigos. Si te gustaría participar, contribuir, o visitar Casa Colibrí, por favor comunícate con Casa Colibri.

We depend on the moral support and prayers of friends and family. If you would like to make a contribution or are interested in visiting and lending a hand, please contact Casa Colibri.

For people interested in volunteering with us please contact us at:

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Anyone may volunteer who has the desire to take personal responsibility and work respectfully with others.  Regardless of your faith we encourage those of strong spirit and will to join us in our effort to live simply, love immensely, and work for the common good. 

(Please scroll down for the application.)  Also, if you live near or are visiting the area and would like to lend a hand in the garden or kitchen, please send us an email.  We look forward to hearing from you!

About Hostotipaquillo:

Hostotopaquillo is a rural town burrowed in the beautiful, yawning expanse of the Sierra Mountains.  The community is rich, tightly woven, and graciously welcoming.  Whether traveling by foot, bicycle, horse or car, one is certain to receive a kind ¨adios¨ or ¨buenos dias¨ from all those passed en route to the plaza, church, community center, or wherever today´s adventures may lead.  The surrounding hills are resonant with flourishing rancheros, and the bakeries with skilled artisans, so the markets in Hosto are flush with fresh produce and daily baked bread. Fresh tortillas are procured from the adept young women in the plaza, directly off the grill, still steaming and ready for traditional accompaniments. The cobblestone streets ring with the shouts of children playing, and when following them or the enticing smells of the vendors of the plaza, one finds the true pride of the town: the church.  Reverence is a finely tuned art in Hosto and the celebrations that accompany are illustrious, boisterous and vivacious.  Follow the procession of Banda musicians, traditional dancers and more down the streets paved with flowers and murals of colored sawdust to the fireworks display at the church before mass of Our Lady of Favor, and you will reverberate with the honor of sharing a home with such a graceful community.  Share traditional meals with new friends, learn new games from the children and explore the gorgeous countryside while making your home in Hosto!

Testimonials from previous and current volunteers:

¨Casa Colibrí serves in so many ways that any talent can be put to work and the experience itself is incredibly rewarding!¨   Catherine Goggins Volunteer Application            ITESO Programa de Verano


  1. I would like to fill out an application for long term volunteer. I contacted people there quite a few months ago and was very thankful to get the email recently...and your blog address. Hablo un poquito espanol y me gusto flautas de pollo y
    oraciones! Please let me know what kind of information you need for me to be considered. Dios te bendiga.

    Liam sighbones at yahoo dot cot

  2. I had been hoping to find a Web-form, which I could build for you btw, to apply right away. I have been between homes for about a year now, & would jump at the chance to live and work with you.
    I have some exp in Christian community, and have been getting Social Security benefits for about 18 years. I am ready to work agsin; & am fully willing and able to sharpen my Spanish?

    Gracias; Steve


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