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Ilustración Voluntarios

Volunteers are the engine of the Casa Colibrí community. It is through volunteering that Casa Colibrí achieves its objective with children and families.


the tasks

They vary according to the type of volunteering however we try to involve each volunteer in the pillars of the house:

Education, Community and Sustainability

Example of resident volunteer schedule

Ejemplo de horario de voluntaria residente
Ilustración Comunidad

We seek to promote spirituality in the community members through a life of unity

Ilustración Comunidad

Unconditional love and service between them and the beneficiary population

Ilustración Comunidad
Ilustración Comunidad

They achieve their integral growth and a change of consciousness that impels them to participate in building a more united world vision of "Catholic Worker", thus becoming a testimony for the people.


resident volunteers

3 to 6 Moths

volunteers visitors

1 to 15 Days

volunteers per Project

1 Month

social service

480 Hours

Fill the form and send it to

Wait for our shout

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