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logotipo casa colibrí

green school

Ilustración Promovemos la Educación Ambiental
We promote 
environmental education

Children of the program in the garden of the house

Volunteers collaborate in the shutdown of a forest fire

Ilustración Acciones Ambientales Comunitarias
we participate in community environmental activity
Ilustración Promovemos el manejo y uso eficiente de los recursos
we promote education, 
management and efficient use of resources

Little girl watering lavender in the garden of the house

Learning to sow

Ilustración Desarrollamos competencias

We develop labor skills in young people and their parents through training workshops so that they can be better prepared to enter productive activity.

We have an organic garden, chicken and rabbit farm

to feed our beneficiaries and volunteers.

what do we fight?

According to the 2015 Population and Housing Census of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography in Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco:


Economically active population


People in extreme poverty

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